The Bone Keepers, April 2004

In 1994, Rwanda experienced genocide unparalleled in modern history. In less than 100 days approximately 800,000 Tutsi men, women and children were brutally murdered by the Hutu tribe.

Throughout the country are numerous sites where the genocide was carried out. In these places the physical remains of over 400, 000 people are on display for the public to see.

At every genocide site it is surviving family members who have been given the unenviable task of guarding the remains. This series of portraits is of these family members.

  • Dancilla Nyirabasungu, Nytarama Church. Kate Holt.
  • Emmanuel Maringira - Murambi Technical School. Kate Holt.
  • Celestin Mulengelanwali - Kibungo. Kate Holt.
  • Gerald Ndagijimana, 27 years old, Kibungo Church. Kate Holt.
  • Christine Nyarahabimanam, 24 years old, Kibungo Church. Kate Holt.
  • Basil Ziraseka, 20 years old, Bissessero. Kate Holt.
  • Pacific Rataganda, Nytarama Church. Kate Holt.
  • Mukama Tharusse, Nyamati Church. Kate Holt.
  • Rwema Epimagu, Nyamati Church. Kate Holt.