DR Congo III

HIV/Aids Treatment Bukavu, November 2004

Bukavu, on the southern tip of lake Kivu, is a city living under the shadow of AIDS. The disease was slow to come here at first as the country had been isolated by an eight year war from the rest of the world. Yet in the past few years the combination of a crumbling health system, a huge increase in sexual violence and lack of proper education, has seen the disease take hold and spread.

Yet it is here, in this decaying town in the heart of this war ravaged country that the first signs of hope in the battle against AIDS can be found. International NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres first came to Bukavu in October 2000 and set up a clinic to treat those with HIV and AIDS.

ARV (Anti Retro Viral Treatment) was gradually introduced. It was the first time such a project had been tried in a war zone.

  • A woman waits for a consultation in Bagera clinic, Bukavu. Kate Holt.
  • A woman, who has recently started on ARV treatment for HIV, is suffering some side effects. Kate Holt.
  • A woman, who is HIV positive sits in a consultation with a doctor from MSF, in Bagera clinic. Kate Holt.
  • A positive test result. Kate Holt.
  • A woman who is taking ARV's stands on weighing scales in Bagera Clinic. Kate Holt.
  • This 16 year old girl is HIV positive and is giving birth to her first child. Kate Holt.
  • A girl holds out her ARV treatment for that day. Each pill costs 50 cents. Kate Holt.
  • An HIV positive patient, who is too ill to start on ARV treatment, lies in Bagera Hospital, Bukavu. Kate Holt.
  • A young boy sits by the bedside of his mother in Bagera Hospital Bukavu. Kate Holt.
  • Atusha and her son sit in Bagera Hospital, Bukavu. She is HIV positive. Kate Holt.
  • A woman receiving treatment in Bagera Hospital, Bukavu. Kate Holt.