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Every child, whether they live in a war zone or not, has the right to an education.

Without it, they're robbed of futures to look forward to and can feel trapped in unstable environments. Their loss is also our loss, as literate, well-rounded and creative citizens are vital to fostering peace in the future.

Our #LearnToLive campaign with @evening.standard and @the.independent is raising awareness of the importance of #MentalHealth and education support for children affected by conflict. So far, the response has been phenomenal. Thank you.

Already we've seen four UK schools answer our call to join with schools in war zones and many are using our learning materials which you can find through the link in our bio.
#LoveActually's Richard Curtis, @muse, @bastilledan @vanessa__kirby and @sadiq have also come on board, praising the initiative.

Why not get your school, or your children's school to get involved through the link in our bio? 📸: @kateholtphoto /WCUK
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#Geneva #Exhibition Great to see #Ebola images from #Sierraleone on display in #Geneva on behalf of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Vaccines have never been so important. #vaccineheroes with Karel Prinsloo ... ...

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#canada#onassignment Back to the land of my much space... ... ...

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If you can’t imagine what it must be like to be in the centre of a warzone, then read our latest Her Story: Kate Holt (link in bio). *

Kate is an award-winning photojournalist who’s spent time in countries like Afghanistan and Somalia documenting the fight against Islamic terrorism and the toll it takes on civilian life. She’s travelled to countless refugee camps across Africa and the Middle East and captured heart-breaking stories of survival. Her work often highlights the violence women are subject to every day; through her investigative work she’s uncovered the trafficking of young girls from Eastern Europe into the UK, the raping of female refugees in Mogadishu by Somali soldiers, and the sexual abuse of young girls in the Congo by United Nations Peacekeepers. *

Her hard-hitting photos appear regularly across all the major British broadsheet newspapers, the BBC, global news agencies, and charity platforms such as Unicef, ActionAid and Médecins Sans Fronitères. She explains to Storytellhers how she balances empathy with emotional distance to safeguard her own sanity, “I don’t go to a war-zone to do first aid, I go there to report on it”; how “huge mistakes” were made in Afghanistan; how she often witnesses “the extraordinary strength that women have when they are determined to look after their young”; and how charities need to have “more regulation and accountability when things go wrong”. *

It’s an extraordinary insight into a profession that keeps us in the privileged west informed, engaged, and inspired into action. *

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