“Sometimes to be silent is to lie”

Miguel Unamuno

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#UK #WomenInWar Many thanks to Lousie at Kali Theatre for creating this video montage of my photos to accompany a very successful Speak Out event on Saturday hosted by @Nadene Ghouri ... ...

May 16th, 2018  ·  

#UK #Event Tomorrow, I will be joining leading female writers and human rights activists to discuss the impact of conflict on women in Afghanistan.

Part of Kali Theatre's War Plays season - tickets still available:
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May 11th, 2018  ·  

#Afghanistan Repost from @jimhuylebroek Honouring all of Afghanistan’s journalism community today. Shocked to learn that at least nine colleagues are killed by a second blast while reporting on an earier suicide attack in Kabul this morning. Amongst casualties friend and icon @AFP ‘s @shahmarai who leaves behind six children and a family.
First photo: Afghan journalists at work during the Intercontinental Hotel attack in Kabul in January
Second photo from social media: today’s blast, deliberately targeting journalists
#Afghanistan #Kabul @ Kabul, Afghanistan
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April 30th, 2018  ·  

#Somalia #Somaliadrought #guardian Security guards walk away from a settlement for people displaced by #drought in #Galkayo, Somalia. Lack of rain and ongoing #war has meant that thousands of people have been forced into settlements like this one as many of their animals have died because of drought; there is little support for them from the Somali government; lack of security is an ongoing issue as Al Shabab and other rebel groups are still attempting to gain control of key strategic positions. ... ...

April 28th, 2018  ·