DR Congo, December 2008

The heavy fighting in North Kivu, DRC, intensified in November, causing the displacement of thousands of people towards Goma, the provincial capital. Fighting was concentrated around the towns of Kibumba and Ruthshuru. Kibumba was already home to 17,000 displaced people who were residing in spontaneous makeshift camps. All 17,000 were displaced again.

“We’re now seeing thousands of people displaced for the second, third and even fourth time in North Kivu”, said Julien Harneis, Chief of Field Operations for UNICEF in Eastern DRC. “The effects of these recurrent displacements are devastating for children and for women. Under such conditions, there is always the risk of cholera and measles outbreak, and increased cases of malnutrition among children. If there’s no reprieve in the fighting and displacements, the consequences will be life-threatening for the children and their families.”


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