Kenya III

Coffee Growers of Gikanda, September 2011

As Global Coffee Prices reach a thirteen year high, consumers will ultimately pay the price. However in Kenya, the rise in prices is is benefiting a large number of coffee farmers who have become Fair Trade certified.

Kate Holt traveled to Central Province in Kenya, to visit the Gikanda Coffee Growers Association and interviewed and photographed farmers whose lives are being transformed.

  • Gikanda Coffee Grower's Association has been awarded Fairtrade Status. Kate Holt.
  • The Gikanda Coffee Growers Association, a collective of 2,700 coffee farmers. Kate Holt.
  • Coffee in it's raw state is called “cherry”. Some Gikanda growers can produce up 4,000-5,000kg of coffee cherries a year. Kate Holt.
  • Coffee cherries are picked by farmers before being transported to Gikanda's processing factory. Kate Holt.
  • Rose Gathoni, one of the cooperative's 2,700 farmers, tends to her coffee plants. Kate Holt.
  • Coffee cherries are sorted by hand by farmers before being transported to Gikanda's processing factory. Kate Holt.
  • lying buildings set amidst fields of coffee. Kate Holt.
  • Year-on-year growth of Fairtrade sales and a doubling in global coffee prices means that the cooperative is now thriving. Kate Holt.
  • At the processing factory the cherry is laid out to dry in the sunshine. Kate Holt.
  • The beans are washed and then sorted before being put into sacks and piled in warehouses ready for transport. Kate Holt.
  • The dried beans are loaded onto a truck before it is taken to the nearby coffee mill to be ground for sale. Kate Holt.
  • At the mill each batch of coffee is sampled for quality. Kate Holt.
  • Fairtrade coffee is carefully labelled before and after it is ground. Kate Holt.
  • The coffee samples are tested and labelled. Kate Holt.
  • “I am now earning a lot more from my coffee than I used". Kate Holt.
  • “All three of my children have been able to go on to college after school.” says Rose. Kate Holt.
  • Gikanda has begun to plough the Fairtrade Premium they receive for their coffee back into services for the local community. Kate Holt.