HelpAge International I

Darfur, Sudan, September 2004

In Darfur, Western Sudan 1.2 million people have been forced out of their homes, leaving all possessions behind. They are fleeing from an orchestrated campaign of violence, abuse and rape.

Some have sought security in refugee camps such as El Riyad near Geneina. Women and children make up the vast majority of people in this camp; there are very few men. HelpAge International staff on the ground estimate that approximately ten percent of those in the camp are older people, mainly older women.

Their needs are very often neglected by other aid agencies. HelpAge is trying to address the specific needs of the elderly in the context of the emergency as well as develop long term solutions for community reintegration and support.


  • An elderly woman with her grandchild in a camp in El Geneina. Kate Holt.
  • Halima Ahmed Hissein is 80 years old and lives in Goker, Darfur. Kate Holt.
  • A widow in Krindig Camp, Darfur. HelpAge are trying to ensure that elderly people are receiving the assistance. Kate Holt.
  • The main road through Krindig Camp, Darfur, where Helpage are working. Kate Holt.
  • Halima lives with her only remaining grandson, Ismail (not seen), in Krindigg camp, Darfur. Kate Holt.
  • Fatima lives in Krindig Camp, Darfur with her seven grandchildren. Kate Holt.
  • Help_Age_International_07
  • Many elderly people, like this man who lies ill in Nyala Hospital, have been abandoned in hospital. Kate Holt.
  • Hawaya lives in Ardamata camp, Darfur which is home to 4000 families. Kate Holt.
  • An elderly displaced man in El Geneina, West Darfur, with what remains of his herd of goats. Kate Holt.