Refugee Crisis, November 2001

Thousands of innocent people who have been forced to flee their homes as the bombing of Taliban targets intensifies against inside Afghanistan in the “war against terrorism”.

Bibi is one woman who has fled to the safety of a refugee camp along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

“The bombs started falling from the sky,” she recalls. “My husband ran outside to find our son and then he screamed. I ran to the door. He and my son were lying dead. The rest of us left when the fighting had stopped. We just wanted to get away from the bombs and the killing.”

Over seven million people have so far been displaced by fighting and are now searching desperately for food and shelter inside Pakistan.

  • Bibi and her son outside their makeshift shelter in a refugee camp. Kate Holt.
  • A man sits on a flour sack at a food distribution point for refugees. Kate Holt.
  • A group of men await allocation of a tent and non food items after crossing the border. Kate Holt.
  • A widow from Afghanistan waits for help outside a medical center in a refugee camp in Pakistan. Kate Holt.
  • A widow from Afghanistan holds out her identity card stating that she is a widow. Kate Holt.
  • A young girl in a makeshift shelter in one of the many overcrowded refugee camps along Afghanistan's border. Kate Holt.
  • A food distribution point within a refugee camp on the Afghanistan border. Kate Holt.
  • A convoy of refugees crossing the border from Afghanistan to Pakistan, fleeing the US led bombing campaign. Kate Holt.
  • A young boy carries part of his family's food ration to their home in a refugee settlement. Kate Holt.
  • An old woman who has fled from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Kate Holt.
  • A girl in front of tents in a refugee camp for Afghans in Pakistan. Kate Holt.