Medecins Sans Frontieres
DR Congo, January 2004

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Democratic Republic of Congo, January 2004

One in four babies born in Eastern Congo will die before they are ten. Nearly 4.5 million people have so far died since the war in began. An area rich in natural resources, the soil is extremely fertile yet thousands of children die each month from malnutrition.

These images looks at the treatment children who arrived at an MSF feeding centre in North Kivu, DRC. Nearly all their mothers had experienced some form of sexual violence at the hands of various militias in their villages. This in turn had led to them being too scared to cultivate land to grow food, or go into the forest to harvest fruit. All had endured the effects of the collapse of the healthcare system; two were widowed; one had a son kidnapped and conscripted to the military; another tragically lost her son to Aids, which has been spread throughout the country by invading military forces.