Water and Sanitation, October 2011


Water and Sanitation October 2011

It is ten years since the Taliban lost power in Afghanistan, and since then over 800 billion dollars worth of Aid has flooded the country. But despite this, Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world; 92 % of the population have no proper sanitation; four out of five people have no access to safe drinking water. Over twenty percent of children under the age of five will die as a result of water related diseases. In October, 2011, I was asked to travel with the international NGO, Medair, to photograph their Water and Sanitation (WASH) programmes in the province of Bamyan in Western Afghanistan.

MEDAIR’s WASH teams have assisted over 40,000 people. They have provided communities with hygiene education, protected fresh water springs from contamination, built wells, latrines and stand pipes and encouraged communities to develop hygienic practices as part of their daily lives.