“Sometimes to be silent is to lie”

Miguel Unamuno

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#Ghana #Health A new photography series, #HealthForAll #Innovation & Inequality, shines a light on the importance of new health innovations – like vaccines, medicines & diagnostics – and getting them to the people around the world who need them most. My photo explores the need for available #vaccines. Check out the full series in an exhibition by United Nations Development Programme - UNDP ... ...

December 12th, 2017  ·  

#Zimbabwe Emmanuel Zinhare, who is struggling to support his family after his savings in #Zimbabweandollars became worthless, poses for a portrait in his home at an elderly people's home that is supported by HelpAge International in #Masowe, #Zimbabwe.
I took this photograph eight years ago, when Zimbabwe’s currency had just collapsed. The Zim dollar had become a symbol of Mugabe’s teetering rule: an ailing economy, high unemployment, collapsed infrastructure and social services. More than half of the 12 million population have had to rely on emergency food aid. For thousands of older people it has meant their life savings are worthless.

Zimbabweans have struggled relentlessly against #Mugabe and his greed.Praying for a brighter future for all #zimbabweans….
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November 20th, 2017  ·  

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November 7th, 2017  ·  

#Iraq Mohammed, a young boy who fled from his home in #Mosul three years ago with his brother and grandparents, leaving his parents behind, poses a for portrait in an #IDP camp in Northern #Iraq. The exodus of civilians from the battleground of Mosul has reached an unprecedented level, leaving aid agencies struggling to cope. Nearly 1 million people have been displaced since 2014 in the biggest battle since the second world #war. #onassignment @warchild ... ...

October 31st, 2017  ·