“Sometimes to be silent is to lie”

Miguel Unamuno

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#Somalia #Disability Mulki Haji Hassan,who is 15 years old and suffers from a rare brittle bone disease which means she is disabled, sits in front of her families cooking fired in camp for displaced people in Burtinle, #Puntland, #Somalia. Mulki's family fled #Mogadishu several years ago because of the #war and went to Galkayo where Mulkis little brother was killed in a bomb attack last year. They moved to Burtinle in search of safety. Mulki and her sister are both disabled and they survive on what their mother can find daily. There are no formal schools in the camp and a local resident runs a Madrassa for them everyday in the open air. A severe #drought has been affecting the whole of #Somalia since February and many families have been forced to leave their homes in search of food which is putting huge pressure on resources. #onassignment with UNICEF Somalia UNICEF Guardian global development ... ...

August 7th, 2017  ·  

A #photoexhibition of the Guardian global development Slavery Project opens this week Kings Place. Here is a photo of Anita, who I interviewed with the help of Samburu GIRLS Foundation who was married at the age of 10. ... ...

July 31st, 2017  ·  

#Somaliadrought Women and children who have been recently arrived at a settlement in search food and water gather around in the evening light near #Garowe, #Somalia. Lack of #rain and other environmental factors mean that a severe #drought is affecting millions of people across #Somalia and thousands of people have lost their livestock and been forced to leave their homes in search of food and water. UNICEF Somalia is supporting those most in need with water and nutritional programmes.#onassignment for UNICEF and Guardian global development ... ...

July 14th, 2017  ·